Introducing The PS4


ImageThe day was Febuary 20th 2013 and Sony had something to annouce, but was being very coy about something they had up their sleeve.  Sony invited a large group of people, mainly games journalist and tech websites to a large venue located in New York City. Many people were speculating and dropping many different hints of what could happen at this event, but the overall feeling was that Sony would drop the ultimate secret, the Sony PlayStation 4. The event started and it was quickly realized that the PS4 was what this event was going to be all about.

“PlayStation 4 uses an eight-core x86 processor, 8 GB of RAM and a GPU similar to Those Typically found in PCs. While Sony did not go into great detail about the components, we do Know That Will Be the console based around an AMD processor Jaguar.” (Pionneau)

What makes this information so important to you and me? Well in the large scheme of life it actually doesn’t matter that much, but in the tech world this large deal of information made so many people happy. The internal parts of the PS4 have allowed the future of gaming to go in so many different directions that no other gaming consoles have gone before. During the announcement of the PS4, Sony spent a large amount of time explaining that the PS4 will allow developers a newer and easier way to make games for this system. Due to the fact the processors that are in the main core of the system are similar to a PC. The reason this is important and sparked my interest is because most games or other software almost 100% of the time begins its life on a computer before ever coming to Xbox or PlayStation. This means developers will feel more comfortable with PS4 and in turn we will see more games.

In the end, the announcement of the PS4 had many other aspects that could be highlighted, from the announcement of social interaction (YouTube) while playing PS4, to the grand reveal of the new Dual-Shock 4 controller. But I feel the number one thing to be excited about is the cadence that Sony PlayStation has set. They have gone out of their way to prove that the PlayStation brand is about one thing and one thing only, this new system has been built for “Gamers”.


 Pionneau, Fabien . “Sony Unveils PlayStation 4.” Digital Versus. (2013): n. page. Print. <;.




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