Infamous Second Son Review

Once you start playing, you won’t be able to put it down.

Infamous Second Son is triple-A title that Sony Entertainment Studios has released exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Second Son was developed by Sucker Punch Studios and is the third game in the Infamous Franchise. Infamous as a whole is a story about Conduits or basically “people with special powers”. The story began with Cole MacGrath the protagonist in Infamous 1 and Infamous 2. If you are unaware of his story, he is basically the root from which the Conduits came to be. Spoilers aside, the first two Infamous games go into more detail of Cole’s journey as well as how his story has effected the world.


Infamous Second Son tells the story of Delsin Rowe, a young man in his late twenties Delsin is thrusted into the world of Conduits by accident. This encounter will be the pinnacle of the story and will also be the driving force for most of what Delsin does for the entirety of  the game. The story in Infamous Second Son is much more dialed back then the previous Infamous titles, the games story is very simple and to the point. I feel Sucker Punch wanted players to jump in and not worry about if they had played the other titles to understand the plot in Second Son. The developers really wanted to embrace the new hardware of the PS4 and let the player explore the vast Seattle landscape and enjoy the powers you are given throughout the game.


Gameplay is king when it comes to Second Son. During my two play throughs, once on evil karma and once on good karma. I kept coming back to one conclusion….. Damn this game is fun to play! Anytime I was a little put off by the story or maybe even one of the characters started to bother me, Delsin would gain a new power and almost instantly make the game play experience just that much better. The best example I could use, would be when you play as Mario and you obtain “Star Power” or “Fire Power” you as the player instantly feel more powerful and daring to explore new parts of the game. This is exactly what made Second Son so much fun to play, each time Delsin received a new power you felt compelled to explore Seattle in more depth.

Second Son seems to explore the new architecture of the PS4 extremely well. The graphics are stunning and show real promise for what is to come in future Sony titles. My favorite aspect of the PS4 is the new Dual-Shock 4 controller, I just love the way it feels. The new triggers and the touch-pad are so fun to use and truly feels like the next generation is here. So while playing Infamous Second Son I was curious of how they would integrate the touch-pad into the game play experience ? To my surprise, not once did the touch-pad feel forced or gimmicky. Every time Delsin would drain a new power I felt a true connection with the drain, making the experience truly immersive.


Second Son has been by far my favorite experience on the PS4, granted there hasn’t been much to play on the new platform. Of the games that are available I truly believe anyone that owns the PS4 should give Second Son a chance. This game is downright fun and with the addition of the Karma system, this game begs to be played more than once. So whether you decide to play as Evil Delsin or Good Delsin I can guarantee that you will have a blast doing it!


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