The Order 1886

Running through the streets of London with a Thermite Rifle, hunting down LYCANS! Honestly could it get better?

The Order 1886 was first shown off at E3 2013 from Ready at Dawn studios. The trailer came up on the screen and almost instantly I found my self drawn to this game. It also didn’t hurt that during the trailer the developers added a nice little tid-bit: The caption read  “Created In-Engine” which means that the trailer was 100% gameplay footage straight from the actually game! The footage looked beautiful, from the lighting textures on the characters faces to the overall dark and grimy feel of 1886 London. Below I will post the video and you can get a better idea for what the Order 1886 is all about!

So in this post I want to explain the 5 reasons for why I’m so geeked for this game. Now before you read this article and say “Ah, man a top 5 list. How lame!” . Just understand that the images and video I use will only make this game more intriguing to you. There is no way in words I could do this game justice, so why don’t I just show you!

1.London 1886- From what the developers have shown the game takes place in London, but not the London you think of now. The Order is putting a cool slant on the history of London. It really is more than just a re-telling of 18th century London it is a complete re-imagining of that time. In the game players will be given weapons and gadgets that couldn’t of been invented during the 18th Century, that is were the alternate history timeline comes in. The game is centered around a brother-hood of knights, that are sworn to protect the city against an evil force.(What evil force you ask? read number 5) Ready at Dawn took a trip to London while the game was in pre-production to get a better idea for what London was all about. Once in London, the team took photos of the city, but not the photos you would think. The team really wanted to capture what London was all about, so they went around to older sections of London and took photos of single bricks or even just street lamps. The idea behind this was to get an authentic look and feel that would translate well into the game. From what I’ve seen they really have captured what 18th Century London looks like.


2.The Black Water- Every game has to have a gimmick or even just a special game play element that sets itself apart from other games in the same genre. In the Gears of War franchise the player had the Chainsaw gun and in a very recent game the player was given a powerful cellphone in Watchdogs. In the case of The Order 1886 the player is introduced to a special tonic that the characters drink called “Black Water” this black liquid is hard to come by and can only be bestowed to the Knights of the Round table. The Black Water makes the player regenerate health faster and helps slow down time while shooting weapons. The addition of Black Water really puts a unique twist on an already interesting story line, I can’t wait to see what other tricks this game has up its sleeve.

3. The PS4 needs this game– The Order is not only exciting to me, but this game is so important to the countless PS4 owners that are in need of a great triple-A experience. Since the release of the PS4 a year ago, Sony has only released one exclusive triple-A game and that was Infamous Second Son. That game was fantastic and Indie games are great as well, but come’on Sony we really need a huge cinematic experience that can show off the power of the PS4. The Order 1886 can be that Sony exclusive that gets people excited and that’s why this game is so intriguing to me and so many others.

4.New ideas, inspire more games– Nothing makes the gaming industry grow and prosper more than when new games are introduced into the gaming spectrum. Sequels to games are great and nobody is more excited to play Uncharted 4 then me. But when studios and developers take a chance on new IP (Intellectual Property), everyone in the industry starts to gain confidence that new ideas can make money and you don’t have to reiterate on one franchise for a decade to make a great game. Hopefully The Order can do this and spread the best un-kept secret around…. Psst Gamers love new IP.

5. Half-Breeds/LYCANS- Let’s just get this out of the way, I can’t tell you how under utilized Werewolves are in the main stream culture. There is a new vampire movie or zombie game every 6 months. Does that mean I don’t like zombies or vampires? No. It just means that it is time for new ideas to take hold in not only gaming but in film as well. So you can understand my excitement when at this years E3 Ready At Dawn showed off a new cinematic trailer, profiling the Half-breeds in the game. These creatures look downright terrifying and to make matters worse, the protagonist looks just as terrified to encounter them in the game. In the trailer which I will post below, your character seems to have zero intentions of seeing this fight through and is looking for the nearest exit. This excites me for many reasons. One reason in particular is now The Order seems to be more than just a cover based shooter. It seems to be adding a Horror element to the game, which just only adds more depth to the characters and the overall story. Secondly, this game comes out in seven months so to keep secrets like this so close to release only gets me more excited to see what else is in the final product.



Written by: Trevor Cannon