Let’s began this paper by saying that I happen to be a huge fan of the PlayStation brand and also the product itself. I have owned every iteration of the PlayStation Gaming system since its creation in 1996. So in order to keep this piece as non-biased as possible, I will be talking about the history of the PlayStation Brand and also Sony itself. I will dive into the pros of the company and I will make sure and hit on the cons of the PlayStation brand. I will be accumulating three different articles that explain the PlayStation Brand and what it stands for. But one of my biggest topics that I would love to elaborate on would be the most exciting news of all and that would be the announcement of the PlayStation 4. This announcement may seem trivial to the average Joe, but this announcement of the next gen hardware is very important in many different aspects. You are probably asking what is so important about a new PlayStation.  Just from a technology stand-point, the new PlayStation is going to push everything we know about gaming, social interaction and story-telling. The world of video games has moved to not only a kids toy anymore, people all over the world have begun to look at games as not only as a form of entertainment but also as a form of art. PS4 new logo Dual-Shock 4 Sony Entertainment


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