Captain America: Winter Soldier Review

Marvel definitely knows what they are doing with their franchises (Unlike DC). Have you seen the trailers to the new X-men or Guardians of the Galaxy? Those films look insane! I would be straight up lying if I told you, these Marvel films didn’t intrigue me.

There is no denying that Captain America: Winter Soldier looks greats and sounds great! The graphics and overall cinematography are top notch in Winter Soldier. I felt Chris Evans truly embraced the character for the first time, he made me believe that he was and is Captain America from here on out. The addition of Falcon was a nice touch that didn’t feel forced or unwarranted. Robert Redford was a great addition to the film, as well as Scarlett Johansson’s character Black Widow. Clearly the producers of this film gave it more love and time than the previous Captain America film. This film might as well have been called Avengers 1.5 with the amount of explosions and high profile stunts done throughout the film. The budget was there, the acting was there, but I still felt like Winter Soldier left me wanting more after the credits rolled.FREEZER_BURN

After Avengers came out in 2012 I felt like Marvel decided to jump the shark a tad early. I absolutely love everything about the Avengers film, it’s funny, has great action and the story seemed somewhat believable. But ever since then, I can’t help but think, what is the point of doing stand-alone Marvel superhero movies? We have established that all of these characters:Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow and Hawkeye are all in the same “World”. So why aren’t they just in one film all the time? Rhetorical question- (I know, I know, money of course)

The Avengers concept art ComicCon

Now I understand that these stand-alone movies make boatloads of money. Let me re-iterate, these movies make so much money! Captain America: Winter Soldier is set to break all sorts of records in the month of April and will surpass the previous Captain America film in just two weeks of it’s release. In it’s first weekend alone, it made over $95 million in the U.S. and $304.1 million worldwide. So I get why Marvel continues to do this and I’m sure if I were the head of those properties I would do the exact same thing. But I can’t be the only person who thinks that once you have established that Iron Man can fly in at any moment during the Avengers and save the day, but he wouldn’t do that same thing in these other films? This idea that they are just not involved in these cataclysmic world battles post Avengers makes you scratch your head a little. Every time there was a moment in Winter Soldier where our hero was about to die, I found myself just thinking “why wouldn’t Thor or Hulk just run in and help out?” it’s not as if they are on vacation or don’t have televisions to watch the mass destruction.

Now please don’t read this review as an attack on Marvel or the movies themselves. I’m not some fanboy who wrote this review to tear down somebody else’s work. I find all of these movies to be quite enjoyable and don’t feel any remorse spending money to go see them. I just feel like there is some definite plot holes in the over-arching story that makes me a little less inclined to see each stand-alone movie that comes out in the future. So should you see Captain America: Winter Soldier? Sure, I think it warrants spending the money to go see it and if you already dig these superhero movies then I’m almost certain you will enjoy it. It has also come to the point where you need to see all the stand alone movies in order, for the Avengers movies to make sense because it is one continuous story.


Solid 8 out 10

Written by Trevor Cannon




Beyond: Two Souls- Could it be an Instant Cult Classic?

The term Cult Classic gets thrown around a little too much these days. But what makes a cult classic so special or an even better question would be, what the hell does the term cult classic even mean?

The term Cult classic is defined as: “A popular piece of work, which has gained a large following. This following has most likely been around for at least a few years, except for cases of an ‘instant cult classic,’ in which a movie or piece of work gains instant fame which remains for decades to come.”

Now that we all get the general gist of what a cult classic is, I can now persuade you that at this very moment there is a game at your local Best Buy or GameStop that fits the definition above, that game is a PlayStation exclusive “Beyond: Two Souls”.


Beyond: Two Souls is the story of Jodie Holmes played by actress Ellen Page. Her story will take the player through important and key moments of her life, starting from the age of 8 and continuing to the age of 25. Jodie has an entity or more commonly known as a “ghost” named Aiden that is attached to her. Throughout the game the player will be thrusted into sections of Jodie’s life, some sections are as ordinary as your everyday life and other sections are as action packed as most Call of Duty games you see today.


So now we know a little about the game, lets go into what makes Beyond: Two Souls so special. There is one factor in particular that makes this game so unique and that is when the gameplay it-self collides with the story of Two Souls. There is a perfect mesh that happens in the game where you the player have the opportunity to play apart of the story, with films the viewer can only watch the narrative play out. With Two Souls the player will be able to interact with the characters and actually choose the fate of our protagonist. During sections of the game the player will be prompted to make split second decisions that will ultimately effect the outcome of the story, good or bad. This component of Two Souls makes for some interesting story changes and will have the player sweating his or hers next big decision.

October 8th 2013, Beyond: Two Souls is released to some rather peculiar review scores. IGN’s Lucy O’brien gave the game a 6/10, gave beyond an abysmal score of 4/10 and lastly GameSpot raved about Two Souls giving the game a 9/10. So what does this mean for the gamers? Personally when scores range from bad to amazing, this situation turns into a more tantalizing treat for the gamer. This will give you the player the opportunity to play this game and see for yourself if Beyond: Two Souls is for you or not.


So what will make Beyond: Two Souls an instant cult classic? I feel Beyond: Two Souls will be extremely polarizing to the general public due to the fact that this game is just so different from any other experience that is out right now. Of course you can play a first-person shooter, there are dozens of those. But when it’s all said and done do you wanna just play a game or do you wanna be apart of a journey? Jodie’s jouney…………….

The Wolverine Review

Remember that Wolverine Origins movie that came out in 2009 and was complete trash.? Well not much has changed with this new installment of “The Wolverine”. This film takes place after the events of “X-Men Last Stand” which came out in 2006…… So unless you have a killer memory you better brush up on your X-Men homework.

The first act of The Wolverine was very entertaining and at times showed real promise. But fast forward to the middle of the film and the one emotion I felt was straight boredom and anger cause the little kid sitting next to me was chomping his popcorn so loud. The film hit that one-hour mark and just completely fell apart all over itself. The second act is so bizarre and pointless, you start to wonder if you’re watching the same movie. I promise this isn’t a spoiler, but seriously Wolverine gets his ass kicked the entire film. So then this begs the question, why in the hell am I watching a movie called “The Wolverine” when he is getting his ass kicked the entire film? The other characters in the film are completely forgettable, which is good for Hugh Jackman, because he is actually really good throughout the film.

If you’re still following along, I think its obvious that I didn’t really love this film. If you were on the fence about this movie, then maybe wait until it comes to Redbox. But in respect to all the comic/superhero fans go see it and tell me what you think.

I should be excited for Superman….. But I’m Not

Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe, Laurence Fishburne, Diane Lane and last but not least….Henry Cavill? Wait…….. Who?

ImageMan of Steel will be releasing worldwide in under a week. The film will be a complete re-boot and an overall origin story of Superman. Clark Kent or as we all call him Superman has become one of the most popular comic book hero’s that there is today. So why is it that Man of Steel, a movie that is being produced by Christopher Nolan(Dark Knight) and directed by Zack Snyder(300) gives me not one bit of excitement? Well in this article I’m going to give you a couple reasons for why I’m afraid the world isn’t ready for another Superman movie.

The number one reason and the reason you should be concerned as well, is the casting of Superman himself being played by British actor Henry Cavill. Henry Cavill has starred in such blockbuster hits as Immortals, The Cold Light Of Day and Blood Creek. If that is sarcasm you hear then you are correct because all of these films have a Metacritic score that is below a 50. I personally feel the reason Christopher Nolan had so much success with the Batman franchise was finding the right Batman. Christian Bale had established himself as a solid actor in Hollywood before ever becoming the caped crusader. Bale had starred in such films as American Psycho, The Machinist and Reign of Fire. All of these films were considered successful in some way. American Psycho didn’t smash it out of the ballpark when it first released but would go on to be a cult classic. Cavill doesn’t have to knock it out of the park like I stated above, but he needs to make sure that his performance isn’t forgettable.

The second reason that I find myself a little weary about Man Of Steel is the extremely large cast of actors that have been thrown in this film. There is no secret that this movie has a great cast, ranging from Kevin Costner to the lovely Amy Adams. But why? I was under the impression that the Superman logo should sell itself without having to pull in large Hollywood names. I feel by having so many mainstream actors, the producers have already decided that Mr. Cavill may not be able to carry this movie by himself and may need a helping hand to make this movie a success.

In conclusion, there are so many reasons that I should be excited for Man Of Steel from the soundtrack composed by Hans Zimmer, to the producing talents of Christopher Nolan. But when I get right down to it I’m just not that excited. I have given you my thoughts and opinions of what I think about the Man of Steel movie. I will be seeing Man Of Steel sometime in the next week and actually hope it turns out well.

Written by: Trevor Cannon