Until Dawn Review

Go left, go right, mash triangle and make sure to hit circle at the right time. These are the gameplay mechanics you will begin to master in the new PS4 title Until Dawn. The game was created and developed by Supermassive Games, a fairly young studio. Since 2008 they have created mostly downloadable content for games such as Killzone & LittleBigPlanet. So everyone in the gaming industry was very eager to see what this talented studio would do with their first big budget game. 

Until Dawn originally started out as a first-person PlayStation-Move game that was intended to launch on the PS3 in 2013. After hearing feedback from fans and, I’m sure some Sony executives, Supermassive Games knew they had something special on their hands, but it wasn’t quite ready. Fast forward to today and what they created was something completely different. (In a good way)

untildawn cabinThe game we have today is set in a 3rd person perspective and is mostly an interactive drama. Until Dawn never wavers once on what kind of story it wants to tell. It is a homage to classic 80’s horror movies in the best possible way! The game chronicles 8 friends traveling to a remote mountain getaway. The friends have all decided to make the trip together so that they can get some sort of closure, due to a tragedy that happen the year before at that same cabin. If your mind is racing of all the dumb things you think will happen, guess what you are probably wrong. Thats the beauty of Until Dawn! The game starts off by being pretty predictable with some silly scares and over the top dialogue, but by the mid point of the game you will really see a shift in the tone and mood of the game. You will explore abandon hospitals, dark mines and disturbing basements. Until Dawn has a lot of tricks up its sleeve and will continue to surprise you with its 10 to 12 hour campaign.

The character models in the game are played and mo-capped by pretty well known actors; Hayden Panettiere, Peter Stormare and Rami Malek who we all know now from the hit television show Mr. Robot. Supermassive Games took the likeness’s from all of the actors, so the characters you seen in the game are actually performances from the actors themselves. I really appreciated the fact that Supermassive Games took a chance on mo-capping all of the actors and giving them the ability to act out true emotion. It makes for a more enjoyable gameplay experience and will make you really fall in love with some characters or perhaps make you dislike others.

characters until dawn

Eight friends stranded on a mountain. Live or die. You decide who will survive Until Dawn!

until-dawn-butterfly-effectWhat makes Until Dawn so good in my opinion, is that throughout the game you will have the chance to play all 8 characters. This unique gameplay feature makes it so you have the choice to decide the characters fate! The game will have some choices that are not super important and other times the choices could have dramatic effects on the outcome of the story and that particular character. These choices are called “Butterfly Effects” and no, not that terrible movie with Ashton Kutcher. Butterfly Effects will pop up each time you have made a choice that will effect the outcome of the story. The thing I loved was that “you” the player never knew what choice was significant or insignificant. While playing Until Dawn you become so immersed in the game, you tend to start thinking about every choice in extreme detail. My suggestion for anyone who is interested in this game, make sure to play it with a friend or a significant other. You might be surprised with what they think, is the right decision. You also may learn a lot more about your so called friend 🙂

until dawn choices

In the end, Until Dawn is a game that I absolutely adore! Not once in my life have I ever beaten a game in one day start to finish. I honestly could not put it down. I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next and even when I finished the game I spent another two to three hours trying to get different outcomes and hunting for collectibles. Supermassive Games should be proud of themselves for a really trying something new and fun with Until Dawn. It gets me really excited to see what game they will make next!

Final thought: I would highly recommend Until Dawn for everyone who owns a PS4. This is a great game to play with friends. So check it out and let me know what you think.

The Order 1886

Running through the streets of London with a Thermite Rifle, hunting down LYCANS! Honestly could it get better?

The Order 1886 was first shown off at E3 2013 from Ready at Dawn studios. The trailer came up on the screen and almost instantly I found my self drawn to this game. It also didn’t hurt that during the trailer the developers added a nice little tid-bit: The caption read  “Created In-Engine” which means that the trailer was 100% gameplay footage straight from the actually game! The footage looked beautiful, from the lighting textures on the characters faces to the overall dark and grimy feel of 1886 London. Below I will post the video and you can get a better idea for what the Order 1886 is all about!

So in this post I want to explain the 5 reasons for why I’m so geeked for this game. Now before you read this article and say “Ah, man a top 5 list. How lame!” . Just understand that the images and video I use will only make this game more intriguing to you. There is no way in words I could do this game justice, so why don’t I just show you!

1.London 1886- From what the developers have shown the game takes place in London, but not the London you think of now. The Order is putting a cool slant on the history of London. It really is more than just a re-telling of 18th century London it is a complete re-imagining of that time. In the game players will be given weapons and gadgets that couldn’t of been invented during the 18th Century, that is were the alternate history timeline comes in. The game is centered around a brother-hood of knights, that are sworn to protect the city against an evil force.(What evil force you ask? read number 5) Ready at Dawn took a trip to London while the game was in pre-production to get a better idea for what London was all about. Once in London, the team took photos of the city, but not the photos you would think. The team really wanted to capture what London was all about, so they went around to older sections of London and took photos of single bricks or even just street lamps. The idea behind this was to get an authentic look and feel that would translate well into the game. From what I’ve seen they really have captured what 18th Century London looks like.


2.The Black Water- Every game has to have a gimmick or even just a special game play element that sets itself apart from other games in the same genre. In the Gears of War franchise the player had the Chainsaw gun and in a very recent game the player was given a powerful cellphone in Watchdogs. In the case of The Order 1886 the player is introduced to a special tonic that the characters drink called “Black Water” this black liquid is hard to come by and can only be bestowed to the Knights of the Round table. The Black Water makes the player regenerate health faster and helps slow down time while shooting weapons. The addition of Black Water really puts a unique twist on an already interesting story line, I can’t wait to see what other tricks this game has up its sleeve.

3. The PS4 needs this game– The Order is not only exciting to me, but this game is so important to the countless PS4 owners that are in need of a great triple-A experience. Since the release of the PS4 a year ago, Sony has only released one exclusive triple-A game and that was Infamous Second Son. That game was fantastic and Indie games are great as well, but come’on Sony we really need a huge cinematic experience that can show off the power of the PS4. The Order 1886 can be that Sony exclusive that gets people excited and that’s why this game is so intriguing to me and so many others.

4.New ideas, inspire more games– Nothing makes the gaming industry grow and prosper more than when new games are introduced into the gaming spectrum. Sequels to games are great and nobody is more excited to play Uncharted 4 then me. But when studios and developers take a chance on new IP (Intellectual Property), everyone in the industry starts to gain confidence that new ideas can make money and you don’t have to reiterate on one franchise for a decade to make a great game. Hopefully The Order can do this and spread the best un-kept secret around…. Psst Gamers love new IP.

5. Half-Breeds/LYCANS- Let’s just get this out of the way, I can’t tell you how under utilized Werewolves are in the main stream culture. There is a new vampire movie or zombie game every 6 months. Does that mean I don’t like zombies or vampires? No. It just means that it is time for new ideas to take hold in not only gaming but in film as well. So you can understand my excitement when at this years E3 Ready At Dawn showed off a new cinematic trailer, profiling the Half-breeds in the game. These creatures look downright terrifying and to make matters worse, the protagonist looks just as terrified to encounter them in the game. In the trailer which I will post below, your character seems to have zero intentions of seeing this fight through and is looking for the nearest exit. This excites me for many reasons. One reason in particular is now The Order seems to be more than just a cover based shooter. It seems to be adding a Horror element to the game, which just only adds more depth to the characters and the overall story. Secondly, this game comes out in seven months so to keep secrets like this so close to release only gets me more excited to see what else is in the final product.



Written by: Trevor Cannon


Infamous Second Son Review

Once you start playing, you won’t be able to put it down.

Infamous Second Son is triple-A title that Sony Entertainment Studios has released exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Second Son was developed by Sucker Punch Studios and is the third game in the Infamous Franchise. Infamous as a whole is a story about Conduits or basically “people with special powers”. The story began with Cole MacGrath the protagonist in Infamous 1 and Infamous 2. If you are unaware of his story, he is basically the root from which the Conduits came to be. Spoilers aside, the first two Infamous games go into more detail of Cole’s journey as well as how his story has effected the world.


Infamous Second Son tells the story of Delsin Rowe, a young man in his late twenties Delsin is thrusted into the world of Conduits by accident. This encounter will be the pinnacle of the story and will also be the driving force for most of what Delsin does for the entirety of  the game. The story in Infamous Second Son is much more dialed back then the previous Infamous titles, the games story is very simple and to the point. I feel Sucker Punch wanted players to jump in and not worry about if they had played the other titles to understand the plot in Second Son. The developers really wanted to embrace the new hardware of the PS4 and let the player explore the vast Seattle landscape and enjoy the powers you are given throughout the game.


Gameplay is king when it comes to Second Son. During my two play throughs, once on evil karma and once on good karma. I kept coming back to one conclusion….. Damn this game is fun to play! Anytime I was a little put off by the story or maybe even one of the characters started to bother me, Delsin would gain a new power and almost instantly make the game play experience just that much better. The best example I could use, would be when you play as Mario and you obtain “Star Power” or “Fire Power” you as the player instantly feel more powerful and daring to explore new parts of the game. This is exactly what made Second Son so much fun to play, each time Delsin received a new power you felt compelled to explore Seattle in more depth.

Second Son seems to explore the new architecture of the PS4 extremely well. The graphics are stunning and show real promise for what is to come in future Sony titles. My favorite aspect of the PS4 is the new Dual-Shock 4 controller, I just love the way it feels. The new triggers and the touch-pad are so fun to use and truly feels like the next generation is here. So while playing Infamous Second Son I was curious of how they would integrate the touch-pad into the game play experience ? To my surprise, not once did the touch-pad feel forced or gimmicky. Every time Delsin would drain a new power I felt a true connection with the drain, making the experience truly immersive.


Second Son has been by far my favorite experience on the PS4, granted there hasn’t been much to play on the new platform. Of the games that are available I truly believe anyone that owns the PS4 should give Second Son a chance. This game is downright fun and with the addition of the Karma system, this game begs to be played more than once. So whether you decide to play as Evil Delsin or Good Delsin I can guarantee that you will have a blast doing it!


The World of BioShock Infinite

One year later and this game is still on my mind!

Games must play well in order for you to enjoy them, but mainly they must be able to make a certain connection with the gamer. Now these connections can be as simple as a game having aliens or monsters. The connection can even be the length of a certain game, long experience or short experience. When you get down to it, games that resonate with people are the ones that leave a mark or strike a connection with the player. For me the game that continues to resonate long after I had beaten it, was Bioshock Infinite.

Official_cover_art_for_Bioshock_InfiniteBioShock Infinite is the third installment in the franchise and the second game in the series in which Irrational games was at the helm of the project. The first BioShock received critical acclaim for what it was able to do. Some have even said the series as a whole has re-invented story driven first person shooters as we know it. BioShock Infinite came out in March of 2013 and received glowing reviews from an array of video-game outlets.  The game has a single player campaign and has a strong narrative focus. BioShock Infinite is available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC systems. The overall arching story of BioSchock Infinite is that you play as Booker DeWitt a gun wielding bad-ass. Booker is sent to the city of Columbia to retrieve a certain package, that certain package is a young girl named Elizabeth. Story sounds pretty simple right? Well the journey that Infinite takes you on is far from simple and at times it can be down right stressful, but in a very rewarding way. Throughout the game Booker unlocks special powers, he attains these powers through Vigors. These bottles are filled with a “magic” juice you might say. The Vigors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all of them giving Booker a new power to use during battle.


Each Vigor is unique and will allow the player to use them for the right circumstance. For instance “Shock Jockey” works best when enemies are near bodies of water,shock the water and it electrocutes anybody in sight. When enemies become overwhelming reach for the “Devils Kiss” Vigor. This Vigor is very similar to a grenade you might find in any war game, but the trick to “Devils Kiss” is that the fire tends to spread killing a large number of foes. Whatever your poison may be, Vigors are something you’ll be using a lot.

The next aspect in Bioshock Infinite that must be explored due to is extreme importance on game-play, is the “Sky-Hook”. The Sky-Hook is the melee weapon Booker will use in close quarters with enemies. It’s main purpose is for the sky-lines that run through-out Columbia. Using the Sky-Hook in battle will help aide Booker in getting out of large fire fights or with precise planning allow you to hop down on unexpected foes. The hook at times can be a tad cumbersome to control, but there is no doubt that it will change the way you battle your next bad guy.


With all of the game-play elements out of the way, there is still something else about BioSchock Infinite that makes it extremely special. Columbia itself, the setting of the game is so remarkable and realized that you find yourself just standing and looking. Every time I play Infinite I find something new I didn’t see the first time, from a painting on the wall to the way the people are dressed. Like I mentioned earlier the game takes place in 1912, most if not all of the architecture in the game would be considered “Federal Architecture”. Federal Architecture or Federal Style was most prevalent from 1750 to 1850, most of these buildings were modeled to resemble buildings from ancient Greece and Rome. Columbia is very similar to Greece and Rome in the sense they wanted to create structures that resembled power and wealth. Now Columbia doesn’t beat you over the head with the power aspect, but it definitely wants to paint the picture that Columbia is some sort of utopia. Which you will come to find out, its clearly not.

Bioshock-Infinite-Screenshot-Wallpaper-Comstock-StatueSo if you get a chance to play Infinite, you will begin to notice rather quickly that Columbia is very much trying to portray a feeling of perfection in the game. From the monuments built for Profits and the statues that resemble gods. Columbia is truly something special that begs you to take notice during your play-through.

In the end Bioshock Infinite takes roughly around 13-14 hours to beat and the game-play is rather easy to get use too. The story of Infinite at times can get a little confusing if you haven’t played or heard of the previous titles, but you should be fine if you want to just hop in. If this article has persuaded you to give BioShock Infinite a chance then be sure to take your time and truly immerse yourself in the game.


Written by: Trevor Cannon


Unboxing the PS4

In this video I will be unboxing the new PlayStation 4 Next-Gen system! I don’t claim to be an expert about technology just more of a fan and a lover of PlayStation. Please watch the video and let’s start a conversation about how awesome you think the new console is or maybe some things you don’t like about the new console. Please like and comment below and let me know how I’m doing! As of now I absolutely love the system, it is just so fluid. I can jump in and out of games so fast and the downloading times have also been cut down. The PS4 also works so great with my PS3 and never logs me out of any system, I’m constantly connected which is so great!


The 5 Reasons you should be excited for Infamous Second Son

With next-gen consoles on the horizon we have all become a little eager to play some new games. Some of the games we are all looking forward to are Killzone: Shadowfall, Dead Rising 3, Drive Club and the highly anticipated Titanfall. But I’m here to tell you about one game in particular that should be on your radar. The game I’m referring to is Infamous Second Son and here are 5 reasons why this third installment in the Infamous franchise should blow your mind!

1. Those Next-Gen Graphics look amazing!

From E3 to Gamescom there has been one constant with Infamous Second Son and that is that the game truly looks like a Next-Gen experience. Sucker Punch studios has come out swinging with their first PS4 title and have integrated a Mo-Cap studio into their game development to really capture the realism of Infamous Second Son. 

2. Voice Actor Troy Baker

Having an enjoyable gameplay experience in games is super important. But if you are trying to convey a compelling story, having the right voice actor is essential. Delsin Rowe, the protagonist in Infamous Second Son, will be voiced by experienced voice actor Troy Baker. Some notable games that Troy has worked on in just this past year are BioShock Infinite, Batman Arkham Origins and potential game of the year candidate The Last Of Us. Troy Baker is arguably the best in the industry at the moment, and it makes it that much more exciting to see his performance in Infamous Second Son. 

3. The use of the Dual-Shock 4

Change scares us all and especially when it involves our video games. But sometimes change is what we need to make us experience new things. Sucker Punch’s studio director Nate Fox said early this week on Podcast Beyond! that the Dual-Shock 4 has made some vast improvements from the triggers to the introduction to the touch pad. He also made many comparisons that the touch pad on the new Dual-Shock 4 will feel very similar to the common smart phones we use today.

4. A Seattle setting

The original Infamous took place in Empire City and Infamous 2 took place in New Marais- both were pho-cities depicting New York and New Orleans. In the third installment, Second Son will take place in Seattle which is fitting because Sucker Punch’s headquarters is also in Seattle, Washington. Seattle is full of great landscapes from the Space Needle to the Jimmy Hendrix Museum. So one of the most tantalizing aspects of Infamous Second Son is how Delsin will make his way through the rainy city. Will Delsin take the parkour route like Cole or will he rely heavily on his smoke powers to get around Seattle’s rugged terrain?

5. Delsin speaks to a younger generation

Delsin isn’t your classic or even conventional video game character. From what we know about Delsin Rowe he is anything but conventional. He embraces his new powers, and from the trailers we have seen, it looks as if he is having a kick-ass time being a superhero. From the red beanie to the jean jacket, Deslin definitely has a punk-rock look that may connect to a younger generation of fans in a good way. Every Infamous game plays with the idea of having a karmic destiny and gives the player the option to either play as a villain or a hero. There have been rumors and speculation if the tattoos on Delsin arms will have something to do with your karma, similar to the tattoos in Farcry 3. Whatever the case may be, Sucker Punch is great at making us care about characters, so there is no doubt Delsin will evoke the same fan base as Cole did.

Infamous Second Son has not been given a release date yet, but the studio and Sony have gone on record as saying Second Son will be ready in February of 2014. The PS4 will be launching in the U.S on November 15th of this year, so we will have to wait to get our hands on Infamous Second Son, but from the looks of things it will be worth the wait.