Watch Dogs first Impressions


For almost a year I have been anticipating the release of Watch Dogs and now it’s here! Of course I had to pick up the game at midnight and yes of course I played the first mission at 1:00AM that morning. But after playing more missions the following day I started to get a little worried about the game that I had anticipated so much. Did I build up too much hype for the game ? Or am I not in the mood anymore for an open world game? All of these things ran through my head during the first 2 hours of playing the game. The first 2 hours of Watch Dogs are not what I expected and to be honest let me down! BUT….. BUT.. Let’s fast forward about 3 hours into the game and I’m having an absolute blast !! I finally feel in control of Aiden and have mastered the gun-play. The game is a tad hard to get use to, but once you understand the mechanics the game really opens up and the fun begins! I’m about 5-6 hours in and have begun act II. I will have my full review once I beat the game. Until then have fun hacking the city of Chicago.

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  1. I’ve been really enjoying this game. One thing I told myself going into this game was not to do the campaign at once. I wanted to explore the city, find the collectibles, and take my sweet time getting to the actual story. I’m barely scratching the surface of the story, and am glad. I’m just having so much fun doing side missions, driving around, and escaping police chases.

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